Poulpy's tribute to Tetris
Happy birthday Tetris !

Unique gameplay with touch gesture
Choose your start level
Score Board






Tetris ® & © 1985~2012 Tetris Holding

Help Penguy to clean his iceland!

Thanks to his wale friend, Penguy is trying to remove all these annoying ice blocks.

Play using sensor or touch

Penguin lovers all over the world, this game is for you !


Learn Afghanistan's Dari alphabet.

Include letters and numbers.

Flash cards will help you to learn the fun way.





This app is not related to DLI.


Use your email address anywhere you want without fear of spams.

Create a temporary email account (1 hour max) and use it to register of forums, download free files or confirm any form.

After 1 hour, spammers won't be able to fill a non longer existing inbox.

create temporary and disposable email address
7 domains available (more to come)
save opened messages for offline reading
handle HTML message w/o attachment
custom refresh rate


Little Poulpy must collect as much pearls as possible.
But beware! Devil skulls and the crazy fish are looking for food !
How many pearls will you be able to collect ?!

3 difficulty levels



WillNa is the joint effort of 2 friends to produce mobile apps and games.

Using Flash platform and native languages, we try to develop apps and games you'll enjoy.
Freely available on several markets, we only get our revenue from ads.

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